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Join 1000+ curious Web3 builders and creators in Shiny to discover the frontier of technology, commerce and culture.

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There's too much noise.

As technology accelerates, opportunities are skyrocketing for anyone curious and willing to learn. But the challenges are growing, too.

The internet is overwhelming.

There's so much information to consume that most people do nothing.

Our awesome features
Social media isolates us.

Many consume, but don't connect. It's hard to keep going without a community to share wins, ask questions and vibe with.

Our awesome features
Learning feels like work.

If exploring technology stops being fun, something's wrong. The Shiny community filters signal from noise, connects you with curious builders and makes learning feel like play.

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Hyperfocussed on being unfocussed.

Shiny is as varied as your interests and as focused as your deep work.

Anything new, exciting and promising probably has its own Shiny Discord channel—and ambitious Shiny members obsessed with it.

Ask questions about what you’re learning, answer them about what you know.

Shiny Member Benefits

When you join Shiny, you get access to our exclusive Discord. Here's what you'll find there:

Likeminded builders and creators

We're designers, devs, entrepreneurs and more. But we all crave learning, building and exploring the frontier of technology.

Channels for all your curiosities.

We don’t do small talk. Whether you’re obsessed with DeFi, NFTs or single malt Scotch—you’ll find a channel to discuss it (and a hundred other things). Jump in to learn, contribute, get alpha or talk shop.

Members only media and exclusive partnerships.

Access the exclusive Shiny Podcast to discover the latest community news and get behind-the-scenes insights from guest experts. Some forms of membership also give you access to third-party software, NFT whitelists and other benefits.

Exclusive live sessions.

Join weekly sessions with experts, builders and creators to connect with other members and learn from them live.

Fun, vibes and team spirit.

Pursue your obsessions, share your wins and laugh off your losses with people who want the best for you. Learning shouldn't be a chore. Shiny makes it feel like play.

Zero judegment.

We don't care about your "real" name, your background or where you're from. If you vibe with us, you vibe with us.


Leading Developers, Builders, Creators and Curators love Shiny.

But, Shiny isn't for everyone.

If you want to be rich by tomorrow morning, spam your own project or flex credentials, there are other communities for you.

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Swap ETH for at least 250 $SHINY on Uniswap.

Join our Discord.

Verify your $SHINY and get full access.

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You can become a Shiny member or hold off for now. We'll still be vibing in Shiny, building and pursuing whatever excites us. Maybe you'll join us along the way. If you're not ready, all the best on your adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us using email.

Shiny Magpies have different levels of utility: 1/1 Magpies get you a full Shiny membership, others don't. Holding a Shiny Feather get you access to Shiny Lite, which gives you access to part of the Discord. Both have additional utility such as exclusive software access and secret Discord channels.

You can revoke your membership by swapping your $SHINY for ETH at any time.

The SHINY token exists for 3 main reasons: $SHINY gives you a self-sovereign way to enter and exit the community as you see fit without depending on anyone else. $SHINY allows members to tip and reward each other for contributions to the community. It enables us to own and govern the community without centralized leadership.